The Medicine Farm is an organic hemp farm nestled in the valleys of the Western Maine mountains. 

Our farm is committed to utilizing only organic cultivation practices, in living soil with minimal external inputs, for true ecological sustainability.  

Since hemp is a highly effective bio-accumulator, the plant pulls toxins and heavy metals out of the ground and concentrates them inside of the flowers, leaves, and stems. In order to produce the cleanest hemp flower possible, we plant in fertile, microbe-rich soil which has never previously hosted any type of agricultural activity.  Our farmland does not sit on any major waterways or assume any potential for contamination from nearby industrial operations, such as mills or other non-organic agricultural operations. We carefully analyze the active compounds in our soil before planting to ensure it is free from toxins, heavy metals, or any other contaminants. We also use symbiotic techniques such as biologic pest prevention and companion planting to ensure our crops produce the cleanest and most efficacious hemp CBD products available.

Once our crops are harvested, we take pride in overseeing every additional process that takes place to manufacture the hemp into finished infused products.  Processing, manufacturing, and packaging are all performed in-house by our small but mighty team. By keeping these processes under one roof, we have total control and oversight of our supply chain. This is how we are able to offer our customers hemp products with a consistent level of integrity and quality, from seed to bottle.

Our product line is comprised of smoke-quality high CBD hemp flower, along with small-batch full spectrum tinctures and salves. Our products are always free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar, and gluten. All added ingredients which are not manufactured in-house are responsibly sourced from sustainable, Fair Trade, and certified organic producers. 

The whole-plant hemp extract used in our products is only ever single-sourced from our own MC3 certified organic farm. We never use CBD isolate or distillate in any of our formulations, ensuring maximum preservation of terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients for a more potent and bioavailable product. 

Lastly, we believe that consumers should be able to purchase hemp products with full confidence, which is why we practice full transparency by offering third party lab analyses for all of our products. 

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and humbling plant; this is why we take all the steps listed above (and more) to show our gratitude. We consciously choose to treat our hemp, and all of the products we produce from it, with the respect and care they deserve. Through this work, we serve our community by offering a reliable and trustworthy source for hemp products, while simultaneously creating awareness about the vital importance of ethical farming and sustainable business practices. Hemp can play a crucial role in the healing of our bodies and of our planet.  If we take the steps to ensure it’s proper care, it will in-turn do the same for us and our future generations.